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The company offers comprehensive range of Olets
with finest materials are used at reasonable prices.


Stainless Steel Insert Weldolet Supplier

Insert Weldolet

Being noted worldwide for our high quality, and dimensional accuracy Insert Weldolets, we offer our clients a wide rage. Fabricated using the best of raw material, and design compliance is of the best in the industry. Our products hold wide acclaim for high corrosion resistance, durability and ease of usage.

Stainless Steel Sockolet Supplier


Fabricated from High quality stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel, our range of sockolets is widely used in a wide array of industry applications. We have two categories in these Sockolets, which are Sockolet (3000) and Sockolet (6000) . Our Quality processes ensure dimensional accuracy, hassle free installation and usage.

Stainless Steel Threadolet Supplier

Threadolet Nipolet

Holding wide acclaim for durability, corrosion resistance and long life, our Threadolet Nippolets are fabricated from high grade raw materials. Ensuring conformity at all levels of production to the highest quality standards, these products, are offered in a variety of sizes to our clientèle.

Stainless Steel Elbolet Supplier


Offered in a wide array of specifications our elbowlets, and fabricated using the highest grades of raw materials. Renowned for our durability and finish, corrosion resistance and long life, Our Elbowlets are is constant demand worldwide, due to our stringent Quality control norms.

Stainless Steel Branzolet Supplier

Branzolet & Coupolet

Requiring low maintenance and being of a high corrosion resistance, Our Banzolets and Coupolets are available in a wide range of High grade raw materials and specifications suitable to a large set of applications. Due to our extensive Quality checks we ensure that our Branzolets and coupolets are in huge demand across the globe.

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